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Monoblokk Zanotti BZN218T01F 7,9m3

Monoblokk Zanotti BZN218T01F  7,9m3


Mõõdud (LxSxK, mm): 810x754x695
Temperatuuri vahemik (C): -15/-25
Voolu tarbimine (W): 1300
Vool (V): 400
Ampreid (A): 4
Kontroller: Digitaalne
Kompressor: Hermeetiline
Õhuvool aurustis (m³/h): 1200
Õhuvool kondensaatoris (m³/h): 1400
Versioon: Ventileeritud jahutus
Sulatus: Elektriline
Külmaagens: R-404A
Kaal (kg): 71
Soovituslik ruum: 7.9 m³
Temperatuur kambris: -20 C
SAADAVUS: Tellimisel

Täiendav informatsioon

These single-block units have been developed for straddle-type assembly. They are equipped with hermetic compressor working with R404A and supplied with 230/1/50 or 400/3/50. Defrost is made by electrical heaters, the control panel is complete with controller with independent ON/OFF swich or automatically, thanks to the door microswitch (the microswitch, is not supplied). The unit is complete with door microswitch cable (2.5 m long) and cold room light cable (with ceiling light and lamp). Condensate resulting from defrost is piped outside the cold room where it’s collected in an automatic condensate evaporation system.

Advantages of the new ZN units:
- Fontal access for rapid servicing
- Rduced dimensions
- Reduced gas charge
- Reduced eviromental impact
- Increased performance
- Easy use controls

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