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Lae monoplokk BSB140T02F 20m3

Lae monoplokk BSB140T02F 20m3


Mõõdud (LxSxK, mm): 820x929x645
Temperatuuri vahemik (C): -15/-25
Voolu tarbimine (W): 2600
Vool (V): 400
Ampreid (A): 4,6
Kontroller: Digitaalne
Kompressor: Hermeetiline
Õhuvool aurustis (m³/h): 2300
Õhuvool kondensaatoris (m³/h): 1500
Versioon: Ventileeritud
Sulatus: Kuum gaas, automaatne
Kaal (kg): 102
Külmaagens: R-404a
Pakendi mõõdud (mm): 930x1000x800
Pakendiga kaal (kg): 124
Soovituslik ruum: 20 m³
Temperatuur kambris: -20 C
SAADAVUS: Tellimisel

Täiendav informatsioon

The SB series units are monoblock units featuring extremely versatile use. Ceiling assembly leaves the space inside the cold room completely free. The body of the condensing unit and the evaporator is made from epoxide powder painted steel sheet. The evaporator is contained inside a heat insulated box connected to the condenser unit. The reciprocating hermetic compressors are working with refrigerant R404A.

The units are equipped with:
- capillary for expansion of the refrigerant
- fully automatic, hot gas type defrosting
- Automatic condensation water elimination system, without need of connection to drainage line
- electrical panel with electro nic control station
- remote control panel

The main functions are:
- adjustment of thermostat differential
- entering work setting
- automatic or manual defrost
- evaporator fans start delay
- pause after defrost to drain condensation water
- sensor breakdown alarm
- turning cold room light on
- protection on number of pressure switch cut-ins

- extremely fast assembly
- reduced installation costs and times
- high efficiency in compact dimensions

- water condensing
- power supply voltage control monitor
- different supply voltage

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